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I was on Two Peas in a Bucket NSBR forum board & someone started a thread
"Do you believe happen for a reason" Which got me to thinking of all the things that happened in my life for a reason. What would have happened if Helen & Bill took the baby in the next bassinet instead of me? If my parents brought the house in Cold Sping Harbor instead of Wantagh? If I went away to school instead of staying home? If I took the job at the vitamin company instead of Sid Harvey's? IF, IF, IF.

Which brings me to Serendipity - what a word ser·en·dip·i·ty (sèrrən díppətee)

1. discovery of something fortunate: the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable, or useful
2. gift for discovery: a natural gift for making pleasant, valuable, or useful discoveries by accident.

Yes - my life is filled with accidental pleasantness - although at times it took me a while to figure out that a lot of events were "meant to be" - while stumbling through them, I did not see some of them that way - but looking back - I realize that I would not have changed anything for all the money in the world!