Saturday, August 29, 2009

The last rose of Summer?

My girls put on another super show for me this year - each one gave me at least a dozen blooms each - most a lot more. I dutifully clipped them back in early July & sure enough I got one more show - this one happens to be a real beauty - AND I am showing her off in a real steal I found at Goodwill. During my weekly visit to our local GW to look for things for my Etsy shop, I spied a 4", Royal Selangor, genuine pewter, hammered bud vase - still wrapped in it's original box - all for the outrageous sum of $0.99! It compliments the rose wonderfully and will look wonderful on my mantle along with the rest of my pewter collection.

A Dream About a Monarch Butterfly

About five years ago I had an idea to plant butterfly bushes right out side my kitchen window - at the entrance to my herb garden. I figured what better way to make doing dishes less chore some than to watch butterflies dancing & flitting while I sud & rinse?

So I purchased three butterfly bushes - so what if they were only about 5" tall - I had high aspirations.

Five summers later - NOTHING!! - That is until the other day. I was casually working in the kitchen when something caught my eye - yup - there it was - the biggest, most beautiful Monarch butterfly - leisurely sipping nectar from my bushes!! I stood there in awe - and perfectly still - until I remembered that I had to get my camera. First I took pictures from my window and then ever so quietly crept outside - she must have sensed me because she stopped immediately - so I just stood there & she flitted right back - let me share!!!

Definitely worth the wait!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Guy

My son turns 14 today! Wow - it seems like yesterday - but a lifetime ago. I can't remember life without him.

Happy Birthday Guy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As luck would have it....................

We play car tag at our house since we have three cars, so one of us is inevitably blocked by the others - so someone (me) always has to go and rearrange cars. Lately I just have taken to parking on the street (since I have been so lazy lately), but yesterday I had done some errands and had packages to take inside, I pulled onto the driveway. I never got around to moving and it turns out that was a good thing - because out of the clear blue - a huge limb fell off from the otherwise healthy tree in front of our house right onto the spot where my car would have been!!!! And it defiantly would have been destroyed! Maybe my luck is changing!

Teddy the wonder dog is checking things out.