Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Dream About a Monarch Butterfly

About five years ago I had an idea to plant butterfly bushes right out side my kitchen window - at the entrance to my herb garden. I figured what better way to make doing dishes less chore some than to watch butterflies dancing & flitting while I sud & rinse?

So I purchased three butterfly bushes - so what if they were only about 5" tall - I had high aspirations.

Five summers later - NOTHING!! - That is until the other day. I was casually working in the kitchen when something caught my eye - yup - there it was - the biggest, most beautiful Monarch butterfly - leisurely sipping nectar from my bushes!! I stood there in awe - and perfectly still - until I remembered that I had to get my camera. First I took pictures from my window and then ever so quietly crept outside - she must have sensed me because she stopped immediately - so I just stood there & she flitted right back - let me share!!!

Definitely worth the wait!

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