Sunday, December 2, 2007

St. Brigid Elementary School

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, we lived down the street from a Catholic Church/School (St. Aloysius), yet I was sent to St. Brigid's about 12 city blocks away (we used to get a "bus pass" for $1.00/ month & ride the City bus to school - many times I hoofed it too - but I digress). Anyway I never understood why -my mother explained that the priests there were more compassionate in her time of need - so it was there she sent me. Understand - I LOVED that school - & I have so many memories of the sweet days in my life in both the school & Church - so imagine my surprise that when I was surfing today - I came across this picture - WOW!!! instantaneous floods of memories came rushing back to me - I only wish I could find the school. Any way - there was never any doubt that I was going to send my kids to Catholic school so they could experience what I did - and yes - Guy's education/experience is ten fold what mine was - I am so very happy for him - I keep reminding him to cherish these days. I remember every teacher & event - from the ordinary to the extraordinary (Kindergarten Halloween party, Mission Sunday, safety patrol, Jesus Christ Superstar, Confirmation - even the candy stores on either corner).


Christian said...

My dad went to this school. I have a picture of his graduating class from 1950. I think it's the same school. I'm looking at the picture you posted and think those stairs (the ones in front, not the ones on the side) are the same stairs the picture was taken on. Do you have any other pictures or information on the school?

Grace said...

Christian - your blog is for invited guests only - I can't answer you

xian1074 said...

I think I fixed it. :)