Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some Ketchup

Sorry - I could not help the play on words - haven't posted in a while - thought I should "catch up". DS had his first "real" cold - I mean a full blown, big time adult cold. He was miserable - stayed home from school for three days - two separate days before that. He was upset and believed his world was coming to an end! I knew otherwise, but could not convince him (practicing to be an adult male perhaps?). Anyway - it is winding down for him and alas he will live - but guess who is beginning to feel "punky"? - You guessed it - me! Stopped by CVS yesterday & picked up some of the new cold preventatives (Air Borne {which tastes like VERY bad orange juice} and some other stop it before you get it things) - I hope I can at least cut down on the severity of it - as I can't stay home from work for five days.
Not much in the way of anything else new - things with DB have calmed down since he changed his med times - DH has also come a long way. I am beginning to see the light and think life is good.

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