Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gone Country - This Ain't Nothin'

Every year when ever we went to Maine (it was 29 years this summer) we came away with what we now call a "Maine Song"; you know that song that you hear playing on the radio all the time, when you're in the car, pool and even in the store.

It started kind of innocently - we'd reminisce about something we did or where we were when we heard that song, and soon it became "A Maine Song". Sometimes we'd wait to see what song was played the most that trip, while other times it just happened - every time we got in the car - it was playing, or the time we went to camp, it was playing or if we were just hanging around the house, the radio would play it a dozen times.

Now even my son is into the game, he waits to see what song it's going to be. This summer, I really got into Country music a lot. The radio in the garage was tuned to a country station and rather than change it, I left it on for background noise. But as I was washing & hanging clothes or doing some other mundane chore, I actually listed to the words of many of the songs, and realized that that stuff was GOOD!

So this summer, by a unanimous vote, the following song is this years Maine Song ( I love it & love the video even more! - who'd thunk!!!!)

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