Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Say NO to a Dishwasher!

I don't have a dishwasher - oh the horror!
When my parents purchased this house in 1974, it did not have a dishwasher - most houses then did not (except for the "big" houses - which this house is not!).  As a kid growing up in Broklyn, that place certainly did not have a dishwasher - that is until I turned about 8 - then I became the dish washer, and I have been hand washing dishes ever since.

Now that I took over my parents house, I have left the kithcen as is - sans a dishwasher.  I hear audible gasps from people when I say that we don't have one.  What is the big deal? 

Thinking about it, dishwashers kind of skeive me out anyway.  The thought of dirty dishes sitting in there for 1,2 or 3 days makes me cringe.  I often wonder too, exactly how many dishes must one own in order to let a dishwasher fill up yet still have dishes to eat off of?

See, I have grown accustomed  to and actually like washing dishes (shhhh - don't tell my family).  My sink is at the window which looks out into my backyard, which I love.  I can watch the rabbit or the birds at the feeder or the dogs running when they are out.  In the warmer months, the window is wide open, which makes it even nicer.

I guess I have developed a system, and hand washing isn't really that bad.  I usually have the radio on, just about everyone has left the kitchen (except the dogs) and I actually can relax - lose myself in my thoughts if you will.  Most days I look forward to "my time".  I'd be lying if there weren't times when I cursed doing them, but fortunately those times are not too often.

So call me crazy - but yes I have no dishwasher.  (Hah - the house in Maine has one - wonder what I'll use it for!)

                                                           My little dishwashing haven

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