Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can You Say Spring Cleaning?

Massive, massive cleaning!!!!!

I have cleaned & purged the master closet room (yes room - we converted a tiny bedroom into a full closet - love it!).  I got rid of clothing & shoes we haven't worn in a long time.  Clothes that were ripped, torn, stained & even clothes that were not.  Clothes that were a bit snug or just weren't flattering anymore (no I am not going to save them until I loose weight, cause I'm not!).  Bought a huggable hanger knock off (from The Christmas Tree Shop - 10 for $4.99 - cheapest anywhere! [they had to be, we bought about 100]) & yes they do exactly what the TV people say they do - gives more space & nothing falls off them.

Next we cleaned out the pantry/laundry/boiler room.  Got a new washer & dryer, rearranged the room so it's now easier to do laundry (if that's possible), organized the shelves, put things in containers & jars & actually LABELED everything, yes it's true!

And last, but certainly not least, I cleaned out my craft room - years of stuff that I swore I needed & couldn't live without & of course was definitely going to absolutely use someday.  Yup - sorted, tossed, organized & finally can see things (like the floor) & actually use the good stuff I saved.

Our garbage men hate us, as I swear we have put out at least 75 black garbage bags to the curb so far, with at least 25 or so waiting to go out!

We do have one more black hole we have to tackle & that's the attic.  Lord that is going to be rough, but it has to be done.  I will be tying a rope around my waist so if I don't come out after a day or two, they can rescue me!

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