Thursday, October 9, 2008

80 Things toLive By...

1. Forgive your parents
2. Pay off debt
3. Lose your image
4. Think critically
5. Find the silver lining
6. Make friends with children, old people and animals
7. Don’t watch the news
8. Explore outside your comfort zone
9. Try new foods
10. Invest your money
11. Get rid of clutter
12. Read the ingredients list
13. Don’t believe information you’re given when someone or something is trying to sell you something
14. Don’t grocery shop hungry
15. Lose toxic friends
16. Do yoga
17. Never stop learning
18. Get a hobby
19. Don’t buy publications that have celebrity headlines
20. Thank your parents
21. Buy used
22. Don’t buy into the housing hype
23. Learn to differentiate between needs & wants
24. Ignore socialization
25. Time does not equal dedication
26. Things are not love
27. Stop trying to change your lover
28. Learn from your AND others mistakes
29. Listen more
30. Exercise
31. Find a life outside of your children
32. Stay out of direct sunlight
33. Buy your size, not the one you want to be
34. Identify government propaganda or research it yourself
35. Get a library card
36. Don’t waste food
37. Be honest
38. Don’t let anyone intimidate you
39. Let children struggle so they can grow their own wings
40. Forgive yourself; you only did what you knew to do
41. Grow a backbone
42. Don’t ever try a cigarette
43. Learn how to make yourself orgasm first
44. If you are repeatedly treated poorly by someone, it’s because you allow it to continue
45. Confidence is sexiest
46. A great haircut is worth it
47. Say NO when you get the urge
48. Be grateful
49. When you marry someone you marry his or her family.
50. Your job probably thinks your expendable; be selective with your loyalty
51. When your kids constantly whine and misbehave, it’s not because of the school system…
52. If you are offended by something someone says about you, it’s probably true
53. Give without expectation
54. Everyone likes a birthday cake, no matter how much they deny it
55. Don’t yell
56. No one really knows what they’re doing in life
57. Communicate
58. Diversify: your friends, money and interests
59. Talk about ideas, not people
60. Don’t fall into marketable New Age hype
61. There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy, so yes, the world does not revolve around you
62. Smile (apparently, it’s the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth)
63. Compliment more
64. Know your weaknesses, find other people to complement them
65. Mentor, mentor, mentor
66. No matter how much you know, you’re still probably ignorant
67. America needs a lot of work right now
68. Race does not define you
69. Your purpose is to be; enjoy it
70. Normal doesn’t exist; it’s all socialization put in your head
71. Live beneath your means
72. Avoid car loans
73. Clip coupons
74. Stay on the border of the grocery store
75. Tip 20% or more
76. Your beliefs are yours alone, unless some random stranger asked for a lecture, keep it that way
77. Take responsibility for your choices
78. Just do it. Anything, everything, all of it - whatever you want. Just do it.
79. It’s always easier than you thought
80. Get Over yoursel

I am particularly drawn to #s 7,9,16,21,33,44,46,61,66,70 & most imoportanly for me this year #50

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nicole said...

thanks for the link! i haven't been around much lately, so apologies for the delay. good luck on your endeavors...:)