Monday, November 10, 2008

Going Green With Reuseables....

Ok - two posts in one day - hey I'll take advantage of any inspirational surge.

I am trying to go green little by little - it started with doing away with paper towels & paper napkins - WOW! Who knew how many of these things we used around here! Now we use a simple cloth napkin purchased on Etsy, along with some thick & strong cloth wipes - WONDERFUL! I still have a roll of paper towels stashed under the sink for when I bleach sanitize the counter (so I don't wreck the cloth towels) - but that's it! I have a small, separate basket only for these wipes & I wash them on hot, no softener - they dry in no time - saving money & the landfill. I also found reusable "Swiffer" products - dusters & mops. Use & toss in the wash. Another secret - I started on reusable mama pads - I only wish I found these gems twenty years ago! I have to "re-think" those days - take a little extra care & time - change a bit more frequently - but boy is it worth it! Comfortable, non-bulky & non-chemical - not for everyone - but ok by me!

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