Tuesday, January 20, 2009

8th Grade Enlargement Project

It has become tradition at my DS school for the 8Th graders (his school is K-8) to do an enlargement for a Math project (it involves measurement, multiplying fractions and the like) in time for the schools open house and curriculum night. We have been seeing these since 2000 when he first started school and were always so impressed with what the kids turned out, always anticipating when it would be his turn - finally it is here! He decided to do my palm pilot. He had to measure it and all it's features, jot down the measurements and then decide whether to enlarge it 5x or 10x - we decided in 5, as 10 would have made it ginormous (notice I said WE, as after his calculations, he did need my help!). So follow along and you will begin to see a bunch of cardboard boxes become an enormous palm pilot(the first one is the actual PP)

It was a long process, but a lot of fun to do - I think it turned out pretty well!

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