Friday, July 3, 2009

Fireplace Candelabra

I have always wanted one of these - especially since the flue in our fireplace broke and we no longer can actually light a fire. Instead, I found yet another spot to put stuff in - I love the mirror I found and propped against the back wall -it makes everything look endless. Last weekend at the Bellmore flea market, I found this one for $8.00 - a big bag of tea lights at Odd Lot for $4.00 & white pillar candles for $3.00. Not to have the candles melt away and cause a mess, I simply hollowed out a well deep enough to accommodate a tea light, placed one in the hollow and now I have the look I want, no mess and all I do is replace the tea lights as needed. This is how it was done and how it turned out.

All in all - I think it turned out great!!!! The room simply glows with this lit!

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