Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flea Market Memories

Dh & I love to "sale" & "flea" every weekend. This is how I find so many of my garden, house & shop treasures. Today, instead of the usual jaunts through the south shore, we decided to venture into Queens (NY) & visit the flea market at Aqueduct Raceway. Boy, were we in for a surprise! We never realized how big it is, nor how diverse in ethnicity & cultures it was. We did a lot of bargain shopping & we will definately re-visit!

This got me to thinking of how many other flea markets we've frequented over the years - many out of state, stopping as we pass them, but none were like the ones we visited as teenagers and young adults - like the one of a kind Roosevelt Raceway flea market

Sadly the raceway was demolished to make way for "senior housing" & more stores.

Then there was Bethpage Farmers Market - which I went to with the parents, almost every weekend for fruits & vegetables, fish & other assorted goodies. Guy & I used to visit there a lot too - one of our favorite resturants, The Crystal Ship, was located there

Mysteriously, this caught fire & burned to the ground & Lowes now stands there.

Finally our current favorite, The Bellmore flea market. It is held at the train station every week, alternately being sponsored by The Bellmore Kwians Club & The Bellmore Synagogue - one of the best!

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Michael Moran Alterio said...

Alas, the Aqueduct Flea Market you write about will soon be but a memory too. It is closing Dec. 31, 2010. Check out this article, which includes a link to this post and thanks for the photo.

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