Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New composting ways....

I was using an old ketchup container to hold kitchen scraps, which I would dump into the outdoor composter.

Recently, during one of my Saturday morning scavenger hunts, I ran into a real gem - a beautiful, red enamel tin, with a lid - perfect for my kitchen & for holding scraps! It sits perfectly in the corner & washes well too!

I "harvested" two years worth of compost - I gathered pounds & pounds of rich, beautiful earth. Which I spread around all my flower beds.

Sadly I dismantled the black plastic bin and sent it to the graveyard. Compost in a closed container has to be aerated. It was a hassle to have to "stir" it all the time. So I finally reverted to an old fashioned open, wire bin. It is easy to get to, dump in and never has to be stirred. It sits contentedly under the pines, carfully guarded by a sleeping cow!

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