Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adopt a grave

I tended my in-laws grave in Walnut Hill Cemetary and while there I snapped pictures of random, interesting headstones.

(What can I tell you, I'm weird that way). Anyway, as a lark I Googled a name - Larrabee Harris from one of the headstones & got a hit - I decided, on the same lark, to continue the tracing and found this:

Birth: Sep. 1, 1781, Yarmouth, Cumberland County, Maine, USA
Death: unknown

Larrabee was the son of Stephen Larrabee and Lydia (Tuttle) Harris.

On Oct. 27, 1808 in Gray, Cumberland County, Maine he was United In Marriage to Judith Delano.

He was the father of ten children, Lydia 1809, Amaziah 1810, Stephen 1812, Almira 1814, Asenath 1816, Jane 1818, Ezekiel 1820, Joseph Russell 1822, Olive 1825 and Eliza 1827.

He was the brother of Hannah 1776, Rachel 1778 and Stephen 1780.

The Harris family were English and the first members of this family arrived in the United States of America on the May Flower.

Family links:
Stephen Larrabee Harris
Lydia Tuttle Harris

Amiaziah Delano Harris (1810 - 1889)*
Stephen Larrabee Harris (1812 - 1888)*
Joseph Russell Harris (1822 - 1902)*

Judith Delano Harris (1792 - 1834)


A family memeber by the name of Linda, posted this information on the website "Find a Grave" - she posted a request to share information about this family - I sent her an e-mail, along with a copy of the pics I took, giving her the date of her ancestor's death. Who knows if she'll answer - hope she will.

I find this stuff so fascinating.

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