Sunday, July 18, 2010

Watching Hummingbirds from the porch

For years, when I was visiting Maine, my mother-in-law Marie & I, would while away the afternoon sitting on the porch swing, sharing a cup of tea, quietly talking and watching the Hummingbirds.

Each Mother's Day, we would give her a plant for her garden. Every year it would be something different - Lilacs, Azaleas or Bleeding Hearts; whatever it was, she was always thrilled and she planted each one in a special spot.

One year I picked out a pink Phlox, which she planted directly in front of the porch. Perhaps it was beacause the ground was rich, or because it got the hot afternnon sun, it grew and grew. It grew so tall, that we were able to see it from the swing.

One visit, we were surprised by a visit from a tiny Hummingbird. We sat fasinated by it, and it returned everyday for days and kept us entertained for hours. Every visit thereafter, we sat and rocked and waited for the Hummingbird, and it never disappointed us.

This trip, while not able to sit on the swing, I still kept an eye out for a visitor and today was the day! Yup - a sweet little Hummingbird showed up to take a nectar break! I'm sure Marie is smiling from above!


Vintage Chic Delights said...

What a beautiful story, I am so glad you shared this. It sounds like a beautiful Springtime/Summer memory!

Delcie Wardrop said...

Thought I'd better sign back in with my blogger acc, so you can visit my blog if you want to. Delcie from Vintage Chic Delights