Monday, July 12, 2010

At least we are protected from aliens!

Since we don't have cable in Maine (i.e. we don't subscribe to cable)and with the switch to digital signal, we had to be very creative to get any kind of stations while here.

We have the "converter" box - which is like tits on a bullfrog (sorry - but true)it does nothing really. So we purchased an antenna from Wal-Mart and still no reception. This is when I tell Guy to get me the aluminum foil - the look on his face made me realize that he truly had no idea what I was going to do.

This soon to be 15 year old, who never had anything but cable TV, with a choice of 300+ channels, never had to make an antenna from tin foil or a wire coat hanger. How many times did I hook up my old 16" black and white TV I had in my room to long speaker wires wrapped in foil? Or to bend a metal coat hanger and attach it to my portable radio to get better reception? Too many to count!

Anyway, I went to work and began to build a Rube Goldberg television antenna, while Guy looked on in hesitation, thinking his mother really flipped her lid. This is what we wound up with

We started with one channel & now have eight - woo hoo!!!!

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