Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rosehips in My Garden

I love to garden and one of my favorite things to grow are roses. At last count, I have about 20 bushes. Most give me beautiful blossoms at least once a summer, while others grace me with a second bloom later in the season. In all the years I have been growing roses however, I never had any bush produce rosehips, until now.

I never had intentions to actually grow rosehips, it just happened. When I got back from Maine, one of the Rugosa variety of roses, began forming them. Rosehips are simply the seed pods of the rose plant. They aren’t a kind of plant themselves, they are the “fruit” of the rose plant, looking somewhat like a tiny crab apple or cherry, and full of seeds.

Why am I excited? Because this never happened in my garden before and things like this make me excited and happy (I lead a sad life what can I say?)

Early Christians considered rose hips to be sacred, and crafted the first rosary beads from rose hips. An interesting sidebar that I only learned today. ( Rosehip rosary)

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