Friday, October 1, 2010

Moonflowers & Morning Glories

Many gardeners consider Morning Glories too invasisve, nothing but a glorified weed.  Not me!  They are an absolute staple in my garden.  I now grow them from seed, taking advantage of the pods that form after the flowers are gone.  I simply crush the pod between my fingers & spread the seed on the ground.  I scatter them along fence posts, birdfeeder poles & even near climbing roses & just let them climb the canes.  They are easy, simple to grow & add a touch of delight in the garden.

Of course I can't just leave things alone, so a few years back I began
companion planting Moonflowers, along with the Morning Glories.
Just like the name implies, they flower in the evening - big, beautiful
white trumpets of beauty!  So just as the Morning Glories tire out
for the day, Moonflowers take their place.  I love them to death!

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