Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sqawking Blue Jays - noisy theives!

I feed birds in my back yard, I have since we moved in as a kid way back in the early '70s.  Seed, suet, stale bread - whatever we can find - out it goes. We have always gotten great pleasure watching the birds, me, mom, dad and eventually big and little Guy - darling husband Guy now has a routine on how he fills up our 5 feeders.  He even went so far as to set up things in Maine to attrack birds too!

I have taken to putting millet and nyjer seed and peanuts on top of our rabbit hutch (our hutch is about ten feet long with a flat roof, the perfect platform feeder.)  I've  begun buying millet, cracked corn, nyger and peanuts from a company called  Prdseed (love that name!) and we store everything in galvanized garbage cans (to keep out the critters) in the shed.

Blue Jays LOVE peanuts and as soon as a batch goes out, that insane racket they make starts - one calls another and then that one another and so on.  It's funny, only one Jay at a time swoops in, grabs a peanut in it's beak and then flies into a tree to crack it open and munch it down - never two, I guess it's a Blue Jay culture thing.

When the weather is clear and crisp as it's been lately, and the Jays come, I am instanltly transported to Maine - you see every morning is clear and crisp and Jays constantly squawk there, so when I hear them around here, it's a deja 'vu thing - I guess that's why I do it - for "that feeling".

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