Saturday, October 13, 2007

Guy's first boy girl dance

Last night was my DS first boy girl dance. He is in 7Th grade in a private school & traditionally the school has a dance for 7Th & 8Th graders in the beginning & end of the year. No he did not have date - he just hung with the boys & would not tell me if if actually danced! While the kids danced, the mom's went to Piccolo's - a local favorite Italian restaurant & ate, drank and gossiped. Then when we picked up the kids, we took them to Applebee's so they can eat - we left them almost on their own so they could feel grownup. It was a nice night.
I can't believe that he is 12 already & our SEAS (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School)days are winding down - that school has become the center of our universe - with all the volunteering & committees I am on - the wonderful friends I have made - even DH is super involved. I am going to feel horrible when he graduates - but that is two years away & high school follows that so it will be a new beginning.
On his first day of school this year, when he came down in his new uniform (7 & 8 graders change uniforms to make them feel older & different from the younger grades) there was a catch in my throat seeing him that way - older & handsome - I still have his kindergarten picture on the refrigerator - my what a difference - but I guess that's what motherhood is all about!

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