Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am Swapping Again

There was a time when I belonged to so many art swaps I could barely keep track. Then some crummy things started happening: I would send, never get any thing back, or what I got back was so below standard (yes I have to admit I expected decent work, not necessarily professional quality, but something without ink smudges or hair embedded in the glue - but that's another story!). It got so bad that I just stopped. I caught up on artwork & projects for myself. I gradually returned to my old forums and just recently joined four swaps. I feel better about things and hopefully I won't encounter as much negativity I did in the past. This is where I have been swapping at . &
I also joined a blind swap "Halloween Hat" on a site I stumbled on The Speckled Egg . Mine is the second one that I sent to my partner - made out of felted wool & the first one is the one I received in return.

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