Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Menagerie

Let me introduce you to my animal friends - there is Lucy -a 110# Rottie mix - she is 4 yrs. old & there's Teddy, a 100# Rottie mix - 3 years old (10 months younger than Lucy). They both think they are lap dogs - trust me they are not - not when your thigh goes completely numb after they sit on it for a while. Then there's Nalla & George - litter mates and they are 21 weeks old .

Outside lives Squittle (named after a Pokemon character - { I kid you not} ) & Oreo - for obvious reason. Also outside live about 18 gold fish (no pictures sorry!) they are all orange, about 5-8" long & look exactly alike except for who we call "Big Moe" - I brought him for .69 and he was about 2" big. He is now about 15-18" and VERY fat - orange with black & white spotting -he definitely king of the pond! We have indoor birds - but that's for another post. My husband thinks I am out of my mind, but I want to get a rooster & chicken for the backyard as well - maybe in the Spring!

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