Sunday, October 7, 2007

Off to the Flea Market

Every Sunday, in the commuter railroad parking lot, in the next town, the Lions Club holds a flea market. I walk through it just about every week. It's funny, that through the years the themes of the "treasures" I look for have gradually changed. I was on a red, vintage kitchenware kick for the longest time - my entire kitchen is done up that way. Then it was vintage sewing - that is still growing strong, although I have become very particular in what I buy. Vintage ladies accessories (gloves, hats, purses) are still big, as I alter them - again they must fit into my altering eye or I pass them up. Recently I am looking for old jewelry - costume mostly - again looking for things that I can dissect & use as pieces in my art. But pretty much anything is fair game - garden art, something jaunty enough to fit my living room or anything that I know some day "I gonna need that" LOL!

PS - Two Of My Finds

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