Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Vintage Sewing Collection

I am mad about vintage sewing notions - from threads, needles, pin cushions, old buttons, etc. There is something so lovely & endearing about these articles - the loving & creative hands that used these things to create everyday necessities for their families. I like to imagine who they were & what they look liked - next to cooking, sewing was probably the most important thing a woman could do for her family. Back to school clothes, baby blankets, mittens, prom dresses - so many occasions made even more special with their wonderful creations. It's funny because I can't sew a button on straight! I can pretty much do or create anything - a lot of times just be looking at something I can create it almost exact. When looking at an everyday object, I can see at least tens ways I can alter it or incorporate it into my art - but I could not take up a hem if my life depended on it. Perhaps that's why I am drawn to these notions - it gives me a sense of connection to past generations of women before me.


Sue said...

Hi fellow farmgirl, nice blog!! I love all the old stuff too and you have a nice collection there! I'll be back soon!

MB said...

Grace, I love you blog. I too wish the vintage things I have could tell me about their life and the people in it. I'll be back to visit again. MB